100% Biodegradable Modified Polylactide Resin, PLA Resin


1.PLA raw material with blow molding,PLA resins with blister molding, PLA resins with injection molding. PBAT raw material with blow molding.

2.PLA transparent sheet.

3.PLA high transparency film.

4.Compostable mulch films.

5.PLA blister products, such as PLA cold drink cup,PLA cup lid, PLA disposable container, PLA meat tray, PLA meal box.

6.PLA injection molding products, such as PLA fork, PLA spoon, PLA knife and so on.

7.100% biodegradable & compostable plastic packing bags, such as T-shirt shopping bag,kitchen waste bag,dog poop bag,trash bag and so on.

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CHEMCO Product – PP Resin, PS Resin, ABS Resin

Place of Origin: Malaysia
Price for Minimum Order: –
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Metric Ton
Packaging Detail: 1 pallet = 40bags with 25kg per bag
Delivery Time: 2 weeks
Supplying Ability: 100 Metric Ton per Month
Purchase Condition: Internet E-Purchase Only
Payment Type: T/T, L/C
Shipping: Off Factory

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